Termination Dust (2017)

California Chrome (2016)

The New Dark Age of Love (2013)

Snow Crash (2012)

Urban Gothic (2011)

Singles & EPs

Xander Harris “The Driver”/Dylan Ettinger “Tipoff” split (2012)

I Want More Than Just Blood (High Heels Remix) (2011)

Chrysalid (2012)

Contamination (2011)

Basements (2012)

Cry Havoc/Heathen Birth (2014)

Midnight Mystics/I Am Thee Traveller (2014)

Xander Harris/The Crow Split (2013)

Black Moon (2015)

The Case of Antoine Rogue (2012)

Xander Harris/Jezzebeam Split (2016)

Lexicon Rift (2016)


The Scrap Mag First Compilation 001

Pour Le Corps Compilations

Whatever It Is You’re Doing Now

Grave Command: All Hallowed Hymns

Sunset Grillers

DKA Records presents “Strategies Against The Body”

Without A Trace A Mirror Universe Compilation

DKA Records Presents “Strategies Against The Body II”

Burning Records Presents “Witches’ Halloween Brew”


Holy Strays “Phrenesia” Enlightment

Mogwai “How To Be A Werewolf” A Wrenched Virile Lore

Soft Metals “Psychic Driving” The Remixes

Peaking Lights “Birds of Paradise” 936 Remixed

Vercetti Technicolor “Inferno” Bay of Blood

Sommet “Khumbu Icefall” Remixes

Mushy “Let Me Go” Mannequin Records Remix

Courtesy of the following Labels

Rock Action

Not Not Fun

100% Silk

Moon Glyph

Pour Le Corps

Desire Records

CGI Friday

Giallo Disco

Mannequin Records

Mirror Universe

DKA Records

Foreign Sounds

Pleasure Cruise Press

Data Airlines


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